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1st Place

During 48th hours, 50 people did their best to create a solution for a job application service. The hackathon was organized by Halmstad University and the Swedish Public Employment Service.


How can we show the users personality in a CV?

The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedligen) who manages a large set of applications needed help. They were asking for help with finding an innovative way for job-seekers to show their personality. Since this would be something that would increase their chances of finding a better match with a future employer.


The main challenge was the time restriction. However, we handled this in a very good way with not acting in panic but rather structure and focus. Another thing that was challenging was to be put together with people you don't know. We handled this by allowing us time to talk about ourselves, our strengths and goals. This aligned us and made us think more like a team rather than individuals.

My role

During the hackathon, we helped each other out with different things. However, I was the one who created the flow of our concept and made the prototype. 

Design process

We applied a design process that was customized based on the mission and the restricted time. Because we only had 48th hours on us our design process is a light version.


To expand the initial information we conducted interviews with some of the stakeholders attending the hackathon. We also searched for different existing recruitment solutions and personality tests.


We created the first sketches alone because we didn't want to be influenced by other ideas. We then had a short critique session where all sketches were described. It was a mix of everyone's sketches that made the final winning solution.


With the flow made up on a whiteboard, we could move the sketches into Sketch and create our prototype. Colors, text and other things were added and it quickly made the concept come alive.


With an interactive prototype in hand we tested it on a few people, it corrected some smaller issues and after that, we felt ready to put together our presentation. Instead of making a presentation with slides I thought we should just show the prototype!


Our prototype was created using Sketch and then imported to InVision. Our prototype became the winning solution because of the combination of a personality test and video with different game-inspired elements. The reasons we chose video was because of the possibilities of storytelling and the personality test questions are like a sort of layer on top of the video. The questions are relevant to what is happening in the video and our intentions with this are to activate the user and also make it more interesting than a usual "filling out a form" type of personality test. Watch the video if you want to see how it looked!


To be open-minded about everyone's ideas is important since you never really know what part of the idea that could be used together. What was crucial for our team was that we didn't skip the "get to know each other"-phase, which made us work as a team from the very beginning instead of being stressed and trying to start working right away. None of us registered for the hackathon for the glory or prizes that we didn't even know there were. Rather we registered because we were curious and wanted to create something and in the meantime get new experiences. We had a lot of fun during these intense days and I believe that was one of the biggest reasons why we ended up creating the winning solution!


Max was an important resource of creativity and worked in a
solution-oriented and positive way to find innovative solutions to the cases. 


Staffan Enting, Halmstad University & Ann Lundstedt, Swedish Public Employment Service

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