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Dynamic Diorama

Designed and launched in 2022

This project is the most recent and the biggest project I've been involved with to date. It was about reflecting the player's engagement by expanding the experience to the whole game and changing the diorama based on their progression. 



Purpose of the project. 

Result and what we accomplished. 

Approach of how I worked

Visuals of what I delivered. 

Purpose of the project

This project was experimental and bold. It had a clear purpose of trying its best to expand an experience. An experience that otherwise is contained within a feature, is now making an impact on the whole game. 

Bring all the colors

We brought all the colors to the game, literally! The feature is called Seasons and this was named Color Splash. In Candy Crush Soda Saga there's always a bright and playful selection of colors. Until this very moment, we removed them all and it was up to the players to return them!

Result and what we accomplished

The players enjoyed the experience, played the game and were overall more engaged. This project was a success in many aspects seen both on internal development but also on the performance. 

Ideation and future iteration

Releasing this update and it being received by the players as well as it did, it made us wanting to do more and better. We have gone back into some more ideation and want to do further iterations on this concept. 

Approach of how I worked 

For this project I had a central role in tying the experience together. I was in the project from problem discovery to the release. It was a challenging project in many ways but valuable in a new way. I had to take more responsibility and I was accountable for that the design was followed and implemented in the correct way. 

The smallest detail

I had a lot more responsibility in this project and I embraced it. Me as a person enjoys creating structure and organise information to make it easy digestible. Being one of the few that were involved since the start I knew and had insights about the very smallest detail.  

Visuals of what I delivered

There were a bunch of things created for this project, I can't publicly share all of it but here's a selection of things I made. 


Mapping out the animation sequence and different scenarios. 


Explaining the progression and the different alternatives there are to it. 

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