I'm a designer that enjoys fast iterations with the ambition to create memorable experiences

Junior UX Designer

Mar 2020 - Present

I'm working as a Junior UX Designer at King with the mobile game Candy Crush Soda. Here I do everything from sketching out a flow for a specific feature to creating prototypes and preparing the test materials needed. I enjoy working in an environment with quick iterations and together with highly skilled colleagues.

Massive Entertainment

a Ubisoft studio

Bachelor's thesis

During six months, I and my design partner worked together with Massive Entertainment to develop their digital distribution platform Uplay.


Future Job Recruitment

1st Place

During 48th hours 45 people did their best to create a solution for a job application service. 

The hackathon was organised by Halmstad University and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

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Max Lindroos

Stockholm, Sweden

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